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46" x 24" x 24" PVC Panel Reptile Enclosure Low Terrarium silver

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Product Description:

Each reptile PVC panels cage is crafted of a tough aluminum alloy, black mesh even the toughest jaws and claws will have a hard time ripping and scratching. Easy to assemble, the sturdy anodized aluminum frame is designed for years of use. The ABS bottom makes cleaning easier.

  • Tough, sturdy and durable - designed for years of use!
  • Bottom ABS- is easy to clean
  • Non-reflective white PVC surfaces-reduce anxiety
  • Top screen-better for ventilation
  • Front-sliding doors-minimize stress when approaching your pet
  • Stackable with spacer
  • Quick and tool free assembly

Product specification:

Size                                          Weight                              Volume

46”x24”x24”                               11.5kg                             111US Gallon


Color: Silver

Material: Aluminum Alloy, PVC

Ideal reptile cage for: great for desert lizards, snakes, tortoises, and other small animals that require a dry environment


Packing list:

Flat packed reptile enclosure -Exclude inside decorations

What client says about us

Free shipping always really nice very quick response product was very nice easy to assemble also came with a little rubber mallet and that was really nice I am very happy with the product and so is my snake

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