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So many of our fans have asked great questions about our reptile enclosures, so here are the answers to the FAQ's :
    • What is your selling product?
    • Our main products include: aluminum frame reptile enclosure,lights,accessories etc.
    • What's your shipping method?
    • We use UPS as priority carrier, usually takes 2-6 business days, while part of area might use USPS service Are Reptiz enclosures stackable? Yes, our reptile enclosure is stackable , just need stackers , which 20cm height allow you add light between the space
    • Do you have locks for the enclosures?
    • Yes, for the tall one the enclosure comes with the lock, while low one exclude
    • Do Reptiz enclosures come assembled?
    • If not, how difficult are they to assemble? Our enclosures ship flat, to help save money on shipping fees and to prevent damage in the shipping process. We designed our habitats to be easily assembled. No tools are needed , you’ll find instruction inside the package
    • How secure is the screen top?
    • The top screen is made of steel screen. The screen is welded into a steel frame which securely fits into the enclosure. How easy are the reptile enclosures to clean? Just open from the front/top door, which allow for easy access to your enclosure for cleaning. Please use pet safe cleaners. A vinegar and water mixture works great for us!
    • Could I put heat lamp directly on the screen?
    • We tested and there were no issues with heat
    • Can I use UTH (under tank heating) and CHE (ceramic heat emitter) with my enclosures?
    • The Reptiz PVC panels support the use of UTH. CHE works great on all of our reptile enclosures.
    • Which countries do you ship to?
    • We ship to the continental United States for free over $50 Does Reptiz make custom-size enclosures? Yes we can, however custom size products need waiting at least 2 month and request for 50pcs per size.
    • I'm interested in your products, could I distribute your prouducts?
    • Yes, we are opening for new distributors, please fulfill your requests and send to us.
    • Does it safe to shopping at your Website?
    • Yes, we strictly followed the government regulation and not collect your personal information
    • Does my money safe?
    • Yes, you can use Paypal to pay, it is one of the most used payment method online shopping.

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